What is Creative Space?


Hi everyone my name is Brooke and Creative Space is a second blog I decided to create because i wanted to create a space where i could collaborate and do guest blogging with other writers. I hope you guys enjoy all of the material that I have on this blog, and make sure you guys check out my first blog too. Check out the rest of the writers involved and a wonderful day everyone. Thanks for stopping by!

Brooke: http://www.brookebrunson.wordpress.com  &

Matt: http://www.mbblissett1976.wordpress.com

If any of you guys would like to do any guest blogging, collaborations, or submit a photo for photo of the month, then definitely shoot me an email at brooke.brunson@gmail.com

32 thoughts on “What is Creative Space?

  1. Hi, I too am sending you a belated thank you for liking my post, “My Blog Has My Back.” I just started my blog this past June and keeping up with it all has been a very interesting journey and a bit daunting. Thank you for creating a space for collaborating with writers.

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  2. Thanks for sending a like or two to a few of my blog posts! I really do appreciate stand I hope you enjoy my blog and I look forward to seeing more of yours too!

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