How To Make Temporary Tattoos From Real Dried Flowers

So cute


Once upon a time, tattoos were relegated to certain imposing fringe types: punks, rockers, gangbangers, and bikers, to name a few. These days, though, it’s clear tattoos are having a fashion moment with everyone from models, bloggers, and It-girls to seemingly wholesome celebrities getting inked.

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There’s no denying that the right tattoo can look incredibly cool and of-the-moment, but there’s one not-so-small caveat: They’re permanent, people. So unless you’re 5,000% positive you’ll still be obsessed with that artsy symbol/slice of pizza/celtic knot/inspiring quote/your new boyfriend/girlfriend/cat in 30 years, it might be best to get the look using temporary versions. The only problem there? We kind of feel like metallic flash tattoos had their moment, and other fake versions always end up looking uneven and, well, fake.

That’s why we’re loving this original tutorial from Emily Geraghty of That Cheap Bitch, a money-saving and DIY style blog, which…

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