DIY Headphone Organizer from Clothespins

Very cool!

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Clothespin headphone organizer

Headphones are like a necessity, aren’t they? We use them when we’re exercising, working and relaxing. I always have a pair with me, and they’re usually getting tangled up in the contents of my purse. I needed a way to keep them separate from everything else, so I decided to use what I had sitting around to make headphone organizers.

I had some left-over clothespins from the Missing Sock Station I made a few years ago and thought that I might be able to use them for the DIY project.

If you’re like me, and you carry around your headphones, you’ll appreciate this easy craft. Anyone can make these.

materials for DIY headphone organizer

Things You Will Need:
Wood glue
Acrylic paint
Paint brushes

Pink clothespins

Step 1
Take apart the clothespins and paint them whatever color you like. I’m a big fan of pink, obviously.

Let it dry.

Pink clothespins with polka dots

Step 2
Paint on any decorative…

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