Weird or Creative


I just read an article on 2014’s weirdest food creations and I thought I would share with you some of my weird snack cravings too.

So I’m the girl who would prefer to order appetizers and desserts over an entree anyday. I love snacking and sweet treats. If I ever eat anything savoury then I need to counter it with something sweet. So eating chips and ice cream happens a lot during my 8pm TV time. 😄

Through the years I’ve put together some weird/creative snacks that I love and crave. I don’t know where I got the ideas from but I’m sure I read it somewhere, heard it from someone or pretty much only had those ingredients in the pantry or fridge at the time.

Here’s some of my faves..

1. Microwave buttery popcorn with sour cream dip

There’s something about how the sour cream counters the saltiness of the popcorn that makes it so good.

2. Crispix Cereal with cream cheese dip

Similar to the popcorn, dip Crispix cereal in regular cream cheese and enjoy!

3. My favourite! Salt and Vinegar Chip Sandwich

Spread butter/Becel on two pieces of plain white bread and spread a good amount of salt and vinegar chips between the bread. The Lays Salt and Vinegar chips work best (not rippled). There’s something so amazingly delicious about the creaminess of the butter with the vinegary chips

Mmmmm.. This is seriously making me hungry as we speak.
Have you tried any of these snacks before? If you do end up trying it let me know if you love it or hate it! And remember… Don’t knock it till you try it! 😉


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2 thoughts on “Weird or Creative

  1. My fave crave is PB & Banana panini. Split a ciabatta in half, spread PB and top with sliced banana, top with remaining ciabatta half and press with panini press. To kick it up a notch, I sometimes use either almond butter or Mighty Maple PB from Peanut Butter & Co.

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