Question of the Day: The Ex


Should you get back together with your ex? Leave your comments and thoughts below.


16 thoughts on “Question of the Day: The Ex

  1. This is tough.

    I don’t think it’s so much the term ‘ex’ that should be used in consideration of whether or not you should reconsider a relationship with that individual. I believe the details of the break up should serve as the leading deciding factor.

    For example; my current boyfriend (who serves as an excellent counterpart to me) and I ‘broke up’ after one year of dating. The reason being- we wanted to explore other avenues of dating before we took it any further with one another. It hurt us both, but we maintained a strong bond and respected each other. Two (rather long) months later, we mutually reunited and have maintained a happy and healthy relationship ever since.

    Now, if you choose to leave your partner (or they leave you) due to deep seeded factors such as; values, future needs or personality clash (just to name a few), then I genuinely feel giving it a second chance is silly. However, with that said, we all need to make our own decisions in order to learn and grow.

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  2. This is a tricky question and it can be answered from different viewpoints. It really depends upon the way one ended the relationship. If it had not ended on a really bad note then giving it another try would be my choice. Finding true love is a blessing and one must take every possible measure to make it work.

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      1. I had a fling during summer school at college with an engaged woman who was a friend. The fling ended when she went back home for the summer. Why couldn’t we have started it up again later when she came back to school?


      2. I had such relationships in the past. I do not know what goes on in the female mind during such flings. My perspective is that, there is nothing wrong in going back to such relationships. We should ask the female members about their views on it. There was this committed girl, she hooked up with me for quite some time and then we stopped talking for some time. In the meantime, she broke up with her then boyfriend. I tried to go back to her for the same sort of relationship, but she disagreed.


  3. Interesting opinions. I’m glad that I saw some reasons why NOT to go back. These did not even touch on “the biggies” like drug addictions one is unwilling to change and/or physical abuse. I guess we all have a bottom line. We need to be really clear what that line is and maybecsonewherecin a relationship that needs to be made known. I believe in healthy boundaries. What if the other has totally different boundaries than you? I think it’s good to remain true to our own unique selves and keep our separate hobbies, etc but there has to be a common, shared goal of course or we just keep zig zagging from one person’so passion while compromising our own cack and forth.

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  4. I took back a husband. Shouldn’t have. Left the second. Done. Figured there was something in me that attracted that kind of behavior so giving it up for self love. Growing myself into the kind of person that doesn’t get abandoned. You can’t change someone else. If it wasn’t right the first time, it probably won’t be the second..

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