Launching soon!


Hey you guys my name is Brooke and welcome to the beginning of something wonderful!  During the beginning of September i will be launching this blog. On this blog you will find all things that speak creativity and positivity along with some writers that I am doing collaborations with!  I hope you all come back to see the finished product and have a wonderful day.


11 thoughts on “Launching soon!

  1. Thanks for checking out my church blog! It is basically a newsletter for the congregation of our small Unity church in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, but it also contains commentary when I feel moved to express my opinion. I wish you success with your launch.


  2. I saw your other blog and have to applaud you for the successful launch of this one. Both have regular produced content. I decided to come to this one because the other one seem to be about girl products.

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      1. Well actually my podcast is on soundcloud. It’s like a radio show of different radio personals coming together to make one awesome radio station. You can download my episodes for free! I do have a youtube channel too. I have separate pages for both my podcast series and my youtube channel. You can find all of this on my blog.

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      2. Well I would say both. I mean my first one is more so me. It showcases my creative side including all the interviews that I do, my youtube channel, podcast series, and other things. The second one which is this one is more so a collaboration of different writers from all over the world with different perspectives. So in simple terms my first one is solo and my second one is collaborations. Though they may be different, they are both interesting

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